Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Provide Your Own Quote (PYOQ) Program?

Simply provide the price you want to pay for your website design project, plus the purchase price of a 12-month or longer term web hosting plan for Linux with cPanel or Windows® with Plesk server operating system.
(** Please review the PYOQ Service Agreement for the terms andconditions of this special pricing program).


How much will it cost for you to build my website?

Most companies charge anywhere from $99 to more than $100,000 to design a custom website. We charge a minimum of $0 up to whatever price you want to pay us to design, develop, test, and publish a complete website. Content quality, code customization, special features, widgets, graphics, artwork, copywriting, and use of add-on apps will be based on the amount of funds provided to complete the entire website project.


What kind of web hosting services do you provide?

We provide a diverse selection of web hosting services so you can pay for only what you or your business need to effectivley manage your website. Our web hosting services include the following:

  • > low-cost cloud hosting plans
  • > Linux or Windows server platforms
  • > Managemed WordPress hosting plans
  • > eCommerce hosting with Payment Gateway
  • > Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • > Managed Dedicated Servers
  • > Dedicated Hosting IP

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What is the policy and procedure for photos, graphics, videos, audio, text content, artwork, and other multimedia?

OPTION #1: You provide all photos, graphics, videos, audio, text, and multimedia in any electronic file format.

OPTION #2: You provide all photos, graphics, videos, audio, text, and multimedia in any print or analog format.

OPTION #3: We provide royalty-free or licensed stock photos, graphics, videos, icons, and audio content.

OPTION #4: We create some or all digital photos, 2D & 3D graphics, videos, audio, icons, logos, and original text content.


How much will it cost to create my software application?

The total cost will depend on a combination of items which include the type of application, complexity of the software features, the operating system platform, hardware & software requirements, data storage needs, testing procedures, publishing method, licensing or copyright requirements, and the deployment or distribution method.

We offer reasonably priced software development packages for single page applications, web apps, mobile apps, and Windows, Mac OS, or Linux standalone applications.

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