Who are we

eApp365 is a global coalition of e-Professionals for the Advancement of Programming Proficiency. We provide custom digital design and development services via our 24/7/265 Collaborative Working Environment (CWE), which also facilitates mentorships, on-the-job training (OJT), and internship opportunities for high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Our Philosophy

We believe our client should be the focal point of the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our customer-centered approach encourages the eApp365 team members to share creative and technical ideas while focusing their best efforts towards producing extraordinary customized mobile applications, websites, video games, typography, or digital media for our clients.

 Agile Development

 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • 1  Requirements
  • 2 Design &
  • 3 Implement
    & Code
  • 4 Test &

 Requirements Analysis & Gathering:
 Gather and analyze the business requirements
 and prepare the Requirement Specification document.

 Design & Development:
 Create a goal-based requirements specification and use
 it to plan, design, document, and prototype software

 Implementation & Coding:
 Use specification requirement to program, write, debug,
 and test source code, functions, objects, and algorithms.

 Testing, Deployment, & Maintenance:
 Perform functional, integration, and system testing based
 on specification requirements and publish application.

Our Services

Web Design & Development

We specialize in eCommerce, ASP.NET, MVC, responsive design, open-source, CMS, and database integration.

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Custom Software Development

Partner with eApp365, and together we can help you turn your ideas, visions, or dreams into real-world digital solutions.

Mobile App Development

We offer native and cross-platform app development for iOS, Android, Windows, FireOS, and Blackberry devices.

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Our Agency

Our digital design agency is located in the heart of Silicon Beach at Playa Jefferson, which is also the home of prominent tech industry companies such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, EA, Sony, Yahoo, CyberCoders, and ICANN.

Project Leaders


> Solutions Software Architect
Point of contact for all social media, entertainment, gaming, and mobile app projects.


> Enterprise Software Architect
Oversees all large-scale SAP, Windows, iOS, Android, and Open-Source software projects.

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